World’s Best Cities For First Time Travellers

F or first-time travelers, who are traveling abroad, it may very well be both exciting and sort of difficult to plan a trip. They are propelling themselves out of their usual zone of comfort, traveling far away from home, and managing new societies, cooking styles, and dialects.

Vacations ought to be peaceful; yet, sorting out where to go can give you a headache. To answer some of your most pressing questions, we have compiled a list of some of the best cities for first-time travelers. These are our picks for the most secure, problem-free cities for your first trip abroad.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is a staggering blend of the East and the West. Situated on the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea, it is the most liberal city in the entirety of the Middle East. You can eat your favorite delicacies, with a local blend of falafel, pita, hummus, and shawarma. Tel Aviv has a great nightlife scene too with live music and festivities.

A beautiful, young, modern city with an assorted populace, Tel Aviv’s culture goes back to 1909. Clubs, bars, a flourishing arts area, happy life, and seashores draw in artists, tourists, and professionals to Tel Aviv’s more mainstream scene.

Montreal, Quebec

Montreal offers an interesting mix of European and North American culture that makes it easier to visit for those voyaging outside of the U.S. for the first time. In Montreal, you will find the best of all worlds: the innovation of North America and its quick-moving life, alongside heartfelt Old World European charms, and almost 400 years of history.

Visit notorious spots like Old Town’s Bonsecours Market, Spot Jacques Cartier, Notre-Woman Basilica, and Saint Paul Road. Do make sure to go for a stroll up to Mont-Royal Belvedere, which sits over the high rises and rules the entire area including the mountains of the Eastern Municipalities. It’s an extraordinary spot for foodies with basically an interminable number of remarkable cafés.

London, the UK

We have been seeing London in a lot of films, books and nursery rhymes like ‘London Bridge is Falling Down!’ since we were children and we had consistently longed to visit this excellent city. Besides the spectacular design of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the Tower Bridge, London overflows with culture and character. For some Americans, London is the doorway to worldwide travel. It’s one of their most beloved cities. London is notable, extraordinary, and filled to the edge with things to see and do.

The Tube, Uber, and exemplary black taxis make transportation inside the city look like a piece of cake, and there’s a direct transport train to Heathrow Air terminal from King's Cross station!

Paris, France

Paris! This reminds us of the wonderful story of ‘Emily in Paris’. Paris is the most exquisite city of all. With the world’s best cuisine, wonderful architecture, stunning art exhibition halls, and a great reputation for first-time visitors. This elegant city is the focal point of Western culture that offers perpetual shopping options and dining localities; Paris won’t ever leave you disappointed. It is lovely and will carry a vibe of heaven to you.

The city’s wide metro framework is flawless, productive, and simple to use. Besides, Uber is consistently a choice with regard to transportation. Paris has numerous remarkable neighborhoods, which are enchanting and energizing in their own way.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is currently one of the most famous cities for voyagers to Europe, and it is famous for all the good reasons. The city has an irresistibly laid-back lifestyle that leaves most travelers green with envy when they need to get back. Packed firmly between the seven steep slopes, essentially each of the roads in Lisbon is fixed with Portugal’s famous cobblestones, and we guarantee you that you will want to take pictures each time you turn to a new corner.

Beaches are just a 40-minute train ride away, and the town of Belem —a 10-minute ride from downtown— and is home to the world's most renowned Pasteis de Nata, a UNESCO-designed monastery, and two invigorating arts exhibition halls. For daytime activities, there are continuously humming buildings, cake shops, outdoor markets, and a staggering riverfront that is made for a romantic walk.


It’s difficult to take an adventurous trip to someplace with another dialect, money, and culture. However, it's the ultimate beauty of the world we live in; though daunting at first the memories will last a lifetime. You will not regret visiting any one of the best cities for first-time travelers.

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