Top 5 Winter-Wonderland Destinations You Should Visit During Winters - 2022

T he light dusting of snow that kicks start winters is like sifted sugar and everyone wants a taste. Snow can increase the beauty of any destination at least by twice as much to any destination 

Gullfoss, Iceland

One of the most spectacular winter moments is at Iceland’s most majestic waterfall “Gullfoss”. Located in a canyon, the waterfall has a horizontal section and then a huge vertical drop. The accessibility to this tourist spot is very well managed. Here you will see the Hvita river being fed by the Langjokull glacier along the way; witness the Canyon of Gullfossgljufur which is said to have been made in the IceAge. 

The freezing temperatures of the North Pole sometimes split the waterfall into two; half rushing water and half-frozen over like a great snow wall. All in all, it is the most popular Winter site in Iceland and beyond. 

Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan

Located in the heart of Yamanouchi, Nagano Prefecture is a winter wonderland with the strangest winter animals you could think of. The Monkey park gets its name because of a troop of snow monkeys that have lived there since 1964. 

In the freezing temperatures, the monkeys bathing in the hot spring become a global attraction and tourists love to see them frolic about. The Snow Monkey Park also offers authentic Japanese soups, ramen, and other cold-weather delicacies at both outdoor and indoor cafes. Further down from the monkey park, is one and a half century old mansion that offers a one-of-a-kind, fine dining culinary experience to visitors. 

French Alps, Switzerland

Whether you love to bite down on a warm French pastry, get some physical exercise by snowboarding in the mountains or just wander in foreign Christmas shops--French Alps are the place to be. 

The French Alps have all-year-round ski resorts, the best Airbnb overlooking pristine Winter-scapes, and are a must-visit tourist point if you’re in Europe. 

Tourists go to the French Alps to spectate thick sheets of snow covering the highest mountain peaks in the world while taking cable cars down scenic routes. The most popular cable line is the Vallee Blanche which links a peak in Italy to another peak in France and passes over the Monte Blanc itself. The Venice of the Alps is another place to be for a nighttime rendezvous. Take a boat ride among state of art sixteenth-century architecture in the romantically lit up Annecy Lake. Don’t forget to indulge in French food while you’re at it. 

Dolomites, Italy 

This one is a personal favourite. And while you might need to rent a car to get around and exploit the most out of this winter destination, it is definitely well worth your time. The Alta Badia region is a charming fairytale attraction with numerous yellow-light wooden homes scattered across it. 

While it’s a “showpiece” attraction; tourists can indulge in many activities such as skiing, hiking to waterfalls, and relishing the divine cuisine of the hospitable Ladin people. 

The Lago Lagazuoi is part of the popular hiking treks offered at the Dolomites, but even those who aren’t fans of hiking seek it out for its serene views right in the heart of Dolomites. The small lake is surrounded by Dolomite peaks and a natural park.

 If you ever get tired of views then you can always fish in the lake or visit the nearby outdoor museum that’s been preserved since World War I. 

Grindelwald Village, Switzerland 

As one of the most popular skiing spots in Switzerland, Grindelwald offers a very different view from that in the French Alps. In that, it has a wider variety of skiing trails and sports besides skiing and snowboarding such as toboggan slides also have the longest trails in Grindelwald. 

Another nearby stellar site to visit from the centrally located Grindelwald is the “Jungfraujoch” aka Top of Europe which can be accessed from a train. Tourists also enjoy climbing to Schwarzhorn slopes, taking cable cars, and doing the “Cliff walk” which is a pathway spun around the side of the Mountain First. 

Winter is a beautiful season; the dusting of snow glistening in the sun can make any sight twice as spectacular as before. If you’re tired of the same scenery every winter season, it might be a sign to head to one of these winter-wonderlands from around the world. Hope you enjoyed our compilation and know what to expect from these amazing destinations to visit during winters.

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