Top 5 of the Most Budget Friendly Travel Destinations

T ravel changes you. Sadly, not everyone has the luxury to indulge in the finest cuisine from Tokyo, lounge in the Bahamas, or frequent an African safari on the back of elephants. That, however, is no reason to skip out on traveling altogether. Here are some of the most budget friendly travel destinations that you can visit even when stripped for cash. 

So keep reading and happy travels!


Nepal is among the cheapest nations to visit. Nepal is a terrific destination for adventurous tourists wishing to go to the most distant corners of the earth. Outside of Southeast Asia, it is amongst the most affordable Asian nations to visit.

Many people come here to trek Mount Everest, but only the fittest and most adventurous visitors, as well as those with a lot of money saved, should do so, since ascending Mount Everest is quite costly! However, if you prefer to hike in less touristic mountains, you may do it for a very low price in Nepal.

For about 10-20 USD per day, stay in a nice local guesthouse and enjoy home-cooked meals, or travel as a Worldpackers volunteer.


While India has always been an inexpensive destination, the Indian rupee used to be quite strong, trading around 39 rupees to the US dollar. You may now obtain 73 rupees per dollar, which is over 50% more money to travel with. You won't be able to spend more than $50 a day here unless you stay in five-star resorts and eat just Western cuisine. 

Staying in inexpensive guest accommodations, traveling in second-class trains, and shunning Western cuisine can bring you closer to $30. India is a cheap backpacking destination –heck, simply a cheap travel destination– with a rich cultural past, top-notch cuisine, friendly and interested natives, remarkable regional variety, excellent tea, and enough to see and do. It's a massive area that's best visited in bits rather than in one big excursion. In any case, India is not to be missed.


Turkey has something for everyone; it has historic ruins, contemporary towns, infinite blue beaches, lush-green mountains, Pamukkale's marble verandas, Cappadocia's mountain ranges, and amazing food for the glutone in you. Backpackers, cultural lovers, high-rollers, and cruise passengers will all find their perfect holiday here.

Outside of the big tourist attractions such as Istanbul and Antalya, finding English-speaking Turks is a rarity but they are still polite and accommodating. 


With so many good options to pick from, this one’s dedicated to two of the best cities within Thailand. Chiang Mai is one of Thailand's most intriguing tourist destinations as well as one of the world's greatest value holidays. Chiang Mai has the second cheapest meals of any place in this compilation after India.The city, which is nestled in the northern Thai highlands, is home to a plethora of Buddhist temples and holy religious places. In Chiang Mai, nature and wildlife trips are particularly popular activities. 

Bangkok is the world's second most popular tourist destination, and the city's low-cost hotels and restaurants help it rank among our top 10 this year. Only the comparatively high cost of drinks prevents it from rising further. Bangkok has a spectacular nightlife that you can brag about. But while you're there, see some of the city's incredible religious landmarks too including Wat Phra Kaew, Thailand's most holy Buddhist temple. You may also visit the Grand Palace, Wat Arun Temple, and don’t forget to shop till you drop.

If you’re left with some extra money by the end of your trip in Thailand, one of the most exciting tourist points to be at is Phuket. Though not as pocket-friendly as others, if you wish to be transported to a mini Hawaii then you won’t be disappointed. 


Mexico is a remarkable North American nation with huge coasts, a distinct culture, and world-class cuisine. It's one of those iconic low-cost tourism destinations in North America. Many tourists go to Mexico because of its sunny weather and lovely beaches. Cancun and Tulum are popular tourist attractions in Mexico. 

To save money, go to a different section of the city. Some argue that the areas surrounding Oaxaca feature some of the greatest surfing in the world. Epic waves for surfing and beautiful sand beaches await you here.

If it sounds like paradise to you, there's no better place to be. Mexico is, without a doubt, the cheapest country in North America. Think $1 tacos and $2 margaritas, pleasant lodging for under $30 per night (and much less if you stay in hostels), and exciting activities for less than $20 per person.

It’s not far off from the truth when people say travel changes people and helps them discover parts of themselves that they would’ve never met if they stayed put. That ends our compilation of the most budget-friendly travel destination you ought to visit; with money no longer an excuse, pack your bags and hit the road to see some of the most amazing sights that have ever graced your eyes.

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