The Best Backpacker Hostels Around The World

B ackpacking is the best way to travel on a budget. Not everyone can afford grand hotels and rent a room every time they plan to travel abroad. A great way to stay on budget while still making the best of your travel is to look up where the best hostels are located and book a bed.

Why Book A Hostel?

Hostels are places of low-priced accommodation with shared living spaces (the low-priced ones offer bunk beds, but some of the more expensive ones give private rooms), shared bathrooms, and they serve food collectively at fixed meal timings. 

A good hostel can become a wonderful and cherishable memory that you keep wanting to revisit, while a bad one can turn the whole visit bleak and unremarkable and leave you frustrated. 

After thorough research and prodding, as well as gathering the tales of many travelers’ experiences, here is a list of some of the best hostels around the world.

In Central and South America:

1- Rocking J’s (Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica)

If you’re looking to stay in a laid-back place with accommodation ranging from cheap bunks to private rooms, Rocking J’s is probably your best shot. They’ve got a relaxing atmosphere during the day and fun, lively gatherings and parties in the evening and night. Rocking J’s is extremely popular among travelers and attracts the best crowds.

2- Bambuda Castle (Boquete, Panama)

This hostel is quite literally a castle! It has the option of staying in private bungalows and has a regal vibe overall. First of all, they make you feel like royalty during your stay. It’s located a little outside the main city, but they offer a free transport shuttle service. There are many attractions that not many other hostels offer. Their facilities are better than possibly any other hostel and the food they serve is fantastic.

3- Naked Tiger Hostel (San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua)

Some travelers look for hostels that have a calm and quiet environment, but some look for a place that will fulfill the inner craze for adventure even after the daily sightseeing is over and done with. If you want to socialize and interact with locals in fun and nightlong parties, Naked Tiger is where you should be.

In Europe

1- City Backpackers (Stockholm, Sweden)

Known as one of the top backpacker hostels in all of Europe, City Backpackers is known for the cozy and tidy atmosphere, the wide range of facilities including good wifi and public computers, and a home-like environment. You’ll have the time of your life staying at City Backpackers. Everyone who stays there sings only praises. Some of the perks of staying there include delicious food with weekly special dishes, hospitable staff who will make you feel right at home, and here’s the real deal: heated floors in the showers! 

2- The Flying Pig (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, a stay at The Flying Pig will save you the hassle of finding transport every day and you’ll be able to enjoy your stay at Amsterdam to the fullest. They have shared as well as private rooms, each of which has a mini-fridge and television. Cleanliness standards are laudable and it’s one of those places that attracts good crowds so it’s a great place to socialize and make connections.

In Asia

1- Begadang Backpackers (Gili Air, Indonesia)

Gili Air Island is a popular tourist location owing to its beautiful beaches. Bedagang Backpackers is one of the best hostels in all of Southeast Asia. They have a fully functional bar and restaurant, a pool with a chill-out lounge, and air-conditioned shared rooms with privacy curtains and reading lights on each bed. 

2- Reggae Mansion (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Known as the Number #1 party hostel in Kuala Lumpur, Reggae Mansion is the trendiest and most enjoyable hostel to stay in while visiting KL. They have their own kitchen and bar that serve alcoholic drinks and a variety of cuisines. The rooms have keycard access, the outdoor terrace has a beautiful view, and they also help you organize trips and activities all around Malaysia. It is without a doubt one of the best hostels for backpacking in all of Asia.

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