Step by Step: How to Use Essential Oils for Cleaning

A s awareness rises about chemical toxicity, it is preferable to move towards products that are considered more natural. Essential oils are one such commodity. While it is common knowledge that they can be used for skincare, few people know of their cleaning qualities. Here are some recipes and methods that give you an idea about how to use essential oils for cleaning. 

This DIY Grease Remover is easy to concoct and leaves your space smelling lemony fresh.

DIY Essential Oil Degreaser:

All that you require is listed below

· Lemon Essential Oil 10 drops

· Thyme Essential Oil 10 drops

· 1/8  cup of Water

· ¾ cup of White Vinegar

· ½ cup of Salt and

· ¼ cup of Baking Soda

· A Spray Bottle

It is fairly simple to put it together. In a bowl, form a paste by combining baking soda, salt, and water. Leave the paste on grease laden areas generously. While it dries, in your spray bottle combine vinegar and the Essential Oils. Shake up the bottle and spray all over the dried mixture you have spread over the grease, then use a damp towel to wipe off and clean the surface.

How to Use Essential Oils as Cleaners

Cutting grease might be a good enough reason to start using Essential Oils for cleaning but there are quite a number of reasons apart from it.

  1. Dilute 10 drops of your favorite Essential Oil with water. Keep it in a spray bottle and spritz around the house, on any surface to disinfect it.

2. Clean your makeup brushes and hair brushes by soaking them in a solution made up of water, vinegar, and Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

3. Keep your toilet spotless with a concoction of your regular liquid cleaner, baking soda, Tea Tree Oil, and water. Pour in a spray bottle and shake well before use.

4. Combine water, vinegar, Lemon Essential Oil and clean your kitchen countertops with this mixture.  

There are many DIY Essential Oil Cleaners recipes that are readily available all over the internet. You can put your own cleaner together once you try a few recipes, experimenting with different combos and discovering new types of natural cleaners is what makes Essential Oil Cleaners even more efficient than regular chemical based cleaning products.

Why are Essential Oils Great Cleaners:

Essential Oils are made by extraction through steaming or cold pressing the oil out of various plants, the most popular being; lemon, peppermint, tea tree, jasmine, and lavender. Eucalyptus is also another in demand Essential Oil.

There are a number of reasons why Essential Oils can be great cleaners.

The first is that they’re toxin-free. The second is that they’re full of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties so it makes Essential Oil a natural disinfectant. Commercially available non-natural cleaners are mixed with harsh chemicals that heavily toxify our surroundings with every use.

Since Essential Oils are made up of oil extracted from different parts of a plant, which also includes flowers, they are naturally fragrant and carry a delightful scent that you can choose according to your preference.

While the store bought cleaning supplies are bulky, Essential Oils are compact, easy to store, and not to mention, can be used for a much longer time since only a few drops are required to be added in every recipe.

Safety Measures:

When buying Essential Oils, one thing that you need to be sure of is its purity. Check the label to ensure that no other ingredients are mentioned apart from the particular variant of Essential Oil. The bottle should mention that it is not diluted and is 100% pure.

Although Essential Oils are safe to use for the general population, it is, however, important to go over the risks involved even if they might not apply to you, it is necessary to assure compliance of these few points before you start using Essential Oil for cleaning:

·  Speak to your doctor about your Essential Oil usage if you are either pregnant or have a chronic illness.

· Keep your pets away from Essential Oils, better yet, consult your vet to make sure that you are not putting your beloved pet in harm’s way by using these products.

· Essential Oils are not to be used directly from the bottle whether you use it for taking care of your skin or you use it for cleaning.

Essential Oils are a more natural and non toxic alternative for store bought cleaners. They are a great disinfectant and their antibacterial properties will help keep your house germ free and fresh scented.

You can find more detail and ideas on how to use Essential Oils for cleaning by following various YouTubers and bloggers who consider themselves Essential Oil enthusiasts.

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