Spring Cleaning Tips For Cars

K eeping your valuables neat and clean is very important. Not only does it leave a good impression in front of other people, but it also gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction. You may find many car enthusiasts who spend hours cleaning their vehicles from every angle. For those that are new to this simple yet important task, here are some spring cleaning tips for cars. 

1. Wax the Exterior

 A car’s exterior is the first thing that people wash as soon as they get the time. But they do not pay enough attention. The car’s paint is somewhat sensitive to water, and a simple wash may damage its color. Therefore, it is important to clean the exterior with as much care as possible. 

 Waxing is the best option for this case. There are several benefits of using wax on your car’s exterior, such as it protects your vehicle’s paint, repels the water beads that may linger around for longer, and even gives your car a shine. Applying wax once or twice a year is enough. You can even do it yourself, or select an option with waxing in the end at a car wash. 

2. Don’t Forget The Seats

You may not pay attention, but the space under your car’s seats can be dirtier than you think. A lot of dust and other things can find their way under the seats if you’re not careful enough. Using a vacuum cleaner to reach inaccessible areas under the seats is a great option. You should also move the seat to and fro several times to see if there’s anything left. 

You should also take a look at the seats after you’re done cleaning their underside. Many stains can stick to the seat’s fabric, and damage its durability and look. With a little hot water, you can wash away many stains from the seats. If the spots are quite persistent, you can even use a small amount of dish soap. 

3. A Clean Trunk

Trunks can also get quite dirty in almost every season. A lot of dust can accumulate in the trunk, especially if you have a spare tire inside. Therefore, cleaning the trunk every now and then is quite important for a clean car. Take out all the trash that may be lying inside the car, and give the trunk a proper vacuum cleaning to ensure no dust has settled in. You can make space for other items in there that may be important for you on the road. 

4. Wash The Lights

People usually do not pay any attention to cleaning their car’s lights. It is a very wrong practice as a vehicle’s lights are just as prone to dust and other materials as any other part. We usually do not open these components until a bulb has blown out, or the lights aren’t working well. 

 With just a cloth, you can give your headlights and taillights a proper cleaning. This small task will improve both your light’s functioning, and visibility too. While you’ll be able to see further while driving, other cars and pedestrians will also spot your car from afar. 

5. The Car’s Underside

Often, people complain that their car is quite rusty from the underside. It’s because they do not clean it themselves, and only when the water reaches that portion, it attains some cleaning. If the car’s underside is not cleaned personally, water can cause significant damage to the body, leaving rust everywhere and weakening the car’s paint as well. 

You can use a high pressure hose to clean the car’s undercarriage. Taking a good look at the exhaust, axles, and wheel wells can even help in the smooth running of your vehicle. Taking your car for a professional wash can solve these problems even better without you having to bother about it all the time. 

6. Engine Cleaning

Cleaning the hood and engine is just as important as any other part. A lot of things like sticks, leaves, and dust can find their way inside the hood and onto the engine block. You can take out most of these things by hand. Give the engine a nice rub with a cloth to ensure the dirt doesn’t combine with the oil to become a greasy mass. 

These spring cleaning tips for cars can help you out if you’ve never done this before. Cleaning your car can be a fun job if you’re willing to put your hands in the dirt. If you clean the car from inside, it will run smoother while looking spotless at the same time.

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