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Skin Care Tips For Men

D eveloping a skincare routine is vital if you want to have healthy-looking skin. A routine is a fancier word for steps that need to be taken. Just how there is a process to how someone takes a shower, it just happens and does not require one to think too much about it as it is just a habit at this point. That is what a routine is. Here are some skin care tips for men that you should make a part of your daily routine. 

Don't Take Too Many Hot Showers

It takes a woman an average of an hour to get ready in the morning including skincare and makeup. While it takes a man 20 minutes including showering and getting ready. 

Showering in hot water might be something that everybody loves, except they are not the best for the skin. Showering in hot water for a long period strips the skin of its natural oils, leaving anyone with dry, scaly, and itchy skin. Starting the showering with hot water for a maximum of 5-6 minutes is best before switching to warm water. 

Use Moisturizer

Using a moisturizer after washing the face is important, as soap strips away the oil on the face, which results in dry skin and a rough texture. The moisturizer locks in the remaining water, giving the glowing skin complexion. 

The extra moisture from using one helps reduce acne scars and wrinkles that form over time. Moisturizing creams are the best option as they are the perfect balance with oily products such as petroleum jelly and watery lotions that are available. 

Use Cleansers Instead Of Soap

Actual soap has a variety of ingredients that includes fatty acids and oil, which cleans the skin to the point where natural oils are stripped away, leaving the skin without a moisture barrier. This is one of the reasons that soap is not recommended for those with sensitive skin. 

Cleaners on the other hand are milder than the everyday soap. They are made mostly with synthetic chemicals, making it gentler on the skin. Anyone with oily skin will have to be more patient when using a cleanser as it isn’t destructive like soap. Either way, whether someone uses a cleanser or a scrub, the key is to be gentle so that the epidermal layer does not dry out. 

Is Aftershave Necessary?

Aftershave created with an alcohol base was originally created to help prevent infections. When aftershave was first made, the only razors in the market were straight razors, which used to cause bumps and cuts that could potentially get infected. Since straight razors are not preferred any longer, aftershave is useless. Aftershave is now also available without an alcohol-based that can be used to moisturize after shaving.  

Sunlight Is As Bad As They Say

Sunlight has been proven to rapidly age skin, causing sunburns and wrinkles that lead to dry skin and itching. 

The UV rays that reach the skin penetrate the deeper layers causing more damage. 

To avoid the sun and its effects there are plenty of things one can do:

  • Wearing sunscreen that is SPF 30 or above is always important
  • Wearing more clothes means that UV rays do not directly touch the skin. Even in summers wearing loose and lightweight clothes that will keep anyone feeling cool. Combining it with a wide-brimmed hat also helps protect the face from sunlight. 
  • On harsher days, just clothes do not suffice. Wearing sunscreen under the clothing also helps protect against the harsh UV rays. 
  • More than half of UV rays do still come through clouds, due to which sunscreen on cloud days even is important. 

Tanning Beds Are Evil

We know that UV lights are damaging to the skin. Tanning beds are essentially directly putting the skin under UV lights. They tan the skin by burning it, which over-time ruins the skin, leaving burn marks, wrinkles, and scars. 

Using a tanning bed also increases the chances of getting skin cancer by 35% at the very least, depending on how often one uses it. 

If tanning is needed, sitting outside in sunlight is the better option, as at least then Vitamin D is absorbed into the skin, while tanning beds are 100% pure UV lights. 

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Knowing that basic information is provided, the only thing left is getting started. To get a beauty routine going, skincare products available here for a start would be a cleanser and face wash in the morning to go along with a moisturizer, and sunscreen for everyday use. These skin care tips for men will definitely do you good!

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