Must-Dos For Backpacking Through Europe

B ackpacking through Europe alone, and exploring this beautiful continent with loads of different cultures and history, can be a great way to get to know yourself and your needs as a person. 

Traveling alone in the unknown sounds like a scary and demanding experience; but once you design a trip especially for yourself and embark on your journey, you are bound to grow and evolve as a person.

Here are all the things you should do and plan for if you go backpacking through Europe!

  1. The Planning

Possibly the most intimidating part of a solo trip- planning and organizing. Though fear not, you can easily master the art of packing by following these simple tips.

  • Pack Light

Europe is a large chunk of land, meaning it will take quite a bit of time to backpack through. However, your necessities should all be able to fit into one large backpack you can carry, hence the name. 

Excessive packing will only waste your time and make your load heavier. To travel all alone in a new territory you need enough to be prepared but not so much that it holds you back.

  • Research Everything

Going with the flow and rolling with wherever the wind takes you sounds like a nice and relaxing ideology to follow, until all the guesthouses you’ve been to are occupied, or the main attractions you wanted to see are closed for the season. 

Researching all the cities and towns you want to go, and booking ahead of time will save your time and help you feel safer, as compared to venturing out into the unknown without any clue of your whereabouts, especially if this is your first trip.

  • Be Wary Of Scams

You are at your most vulnerable when alone, and the odds increase when you’re in a new place as well. Save your money by only staying in cheaper countries and locations, such as the Czech Republic or Croatia

  1. The Trip Itself

If you are planning to backpack through Europe but only have a month on hand, try skipping on some attractions. Even if you do have all the time in the world, it does not take very long to get bored.

If you plan on backpacking through the entirety of Europe there is a possibility that you could get bored and not enjoy your trip as well as you expect it to, so try to divide your trip and visit these attractions for your first time.

  • Czech Republic

One of the best places to start your trip is Prague. Aside from its beautiful scenery, it also has places such as the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle, where you can climb up to witness the beautiful European sky in all its glory!

  • Hungary

If you are trying to backpack on a budget, Budapest is the way to go! It is one of the cheapest cities in Europe. You get all sorts of fantastic cuisine and get to educate yourself on the rich history of previous empires. Make sure to save extra time for this one because there is a lot to see!

  • United Kingdom

If you are big on art and history, try finding time for London. This is a city you can never get tired of. There is so much to see you can easily get lost in the seemingly endless museums and the thrill of riding on double-decker buses.

  • Denmark

As one of the happiest cities in the world, Copenhagen takes the bar pretty high. If this is your first time traveling alone, give this city a shot; your confidence in yourself and the world will increase due to the kind communities and low crime rate. With places like the Round Tower, Christiansborg Palace, and its national museum, you wouldn’t want to leave!

  • Belgium

If you are the kind of person that looks for stories and tries to be one with wherever they are, plan on visiting Bruges. With its excellent medieval-style architecture and a rather fairytale-like feel, it’s impossible not to romanticize the sheer beauty and elegance of this town.

Planning a solo trip can be a difficult decision, it can be walking into the streets without knowing what is waiting for you. However, backpacking through Europe could be a fantastic way to discover yourself!

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