How to Remove Stains from Wood Floors

M aintaining wooden floors is no easy task and at times, it can get quite frustrating to do so. One of the biggest problems you can face is figuring out how to remove stains from the floor. Don't worry, we’re here to help! 

Here’s how you can remove different types of stains.

How to Remove A Wine Stain

With wine, don't wait even a minute. On the raw or waxed wood floor, immediately remove the wine stain with absorbent paper. Then, on a raw or varnished wood floor, use half a lemon to rub the stain and rinse with a damp sponge. On waxed wood, sprinkle with baking soda and rub gently with a sponge before rinsing.

How to Remove a Coffee Stain 

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The cup of coffee falls on the floor, how can you avoid staining it? Absorb the stain with a soft cloth and then rub lightly with cold soapy water. You can also sprinkle it with baking soda and leave it on before sucking.

How to Remove A Urine Stain

Has your pet failed to hold back? To clean and remove a urine stain from the parquet floor, use soapy water with white vinegar, this will reduce the smell.

How to Remove a Wax Stain

When you light a candle, you sometimes have wax stains. No matter the nature of the parquet, use a spatula to gently remove the wax.

How to Remove an Ink Stain

Did ink fall on your floor? If it is waxed, use a cork stopper and erase the stain. If it doesn't leave, rub the stain with a lemon cut in half. On varnished or vitrified parquet, sprinkle with baking soda and rub the stain with a cork stopper.

How to Remove a Red Fruit Stain

If the stain is fresh, use absorbent paper and rub it with soapy water. You can also sprinkle it with baking soda. If you do not have one, white vinegar can also be used.

How to Remove a Grease Stain

With absorbent paper, remove the stain as much as possible then sprinkle with Sommière soil and leave on for 2 to 3 hours. Then rub with a cloth and vacuum.

How to Remove a Blood Stain 

To clean a bloodstain on the floor, start by patting it. Then use a little soapy water and rub gently before rinsing.

How to Remove a Stain of Ketchup

To remove a stain of ketchup, pour flour and let it absorb for 1 hour. Dust and clean with a sponge moistened with claystone.

How to Remove a Chocolate Stain

The miracle product to remove a chocolate stain is white vinegar. Soak a cloth with this liquid and rub the stain.

How to Remove a Cigarette Burn Stain

To remove a trace of a cigarette burn on waxed parquet, gently rub with sandpaper to remove the trace of nicotine.

How To Remove a Felt Stain

Clean a felt stain with lemon. Soak a cloth in lemon juice and rub it with it. If it doesn't leave, you can also use white vinegar.

How To Remove a Black Trace

Shoes, suitcases, or furniture can leave black stains on the floor. The miracle solution is to use a white magic eraser. Rub lightly and the trace will disappear.

How To Remove a Painting Stain

Take a dry cloth and soak it in household alcohol. Gently stamp the place where there is the painting task. Let the household alcohol rest for about an hour and then rinse with water. If the task is tenacious, repeat the operation.

How To Remove Candle Wax

There are several tips for removing candle wax. But some can make it even worse. We, therefore, equip ourselves with an absorbent fabric. After placing it on the wax, iron the fabric. Then wipe the cloth. Neither seen nor known, candle wax will only remain a bad memory.

The Essentials For A Quick And Effective Cleaning Of The Wooden Floor

To clean your floor effectively, you should use the right products. In addition to black soap, do not skimp on the power of lemon. Its acidity helps remove many stains. White vinegar, like baking soda, is, once again, essential for cleaning parquet. Don't forget to bring protective gloves, but also a clean microfiber cloth to gently remove stains, without damaging your woody flooring.

Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Wooden Floor

To avoid damaging your floor by cleaning it, keep in mind several mistakes to avoid:

  • Don't rub too intensely
  • Be careful to dust the surface well before polishing it
  • Be careful not to remove varnish or wax that protects the parquet
  • Beware of scratches that can be difficult to remove
  • Do not use bleach to clean the parquet floor.

Now that you know how to remove stains from wood floors, make sure you follow these steps in case any accident occurs. Good luck!

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