How to Remove Mold From Your Home

D o you want to know how to remove mold from your home? Here are some steps to avoid the appearance of mold! 

Avoid Overheating The House

It is well-known that molds need moisture to proliferate. However, heat promotes the appearance of moisture. That is why you must avoid overheating your home. The indoor temperature must not exceed 19°C! An interior between 17 and 18°C is ideal.

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Thoroughly Clean Your Shower Curtain

Often, the bathroom shower curtain can be invaded by mold. Indeed, used on a daily basis, this object is only very rarely washed and dried. However, mushrooms like to lodge in wet and damp nooks and crannies. To avoid this, consider wiping your shower curtain every day. Once a month, remember to clean it with white vinegar. If the shower curtain is made of fabric, you can machine-wash it.

Ventilate Your Home

Whether in winter or summer, remember to ventilate your home to eliminate moisture. Indeed, indoor air is 5 to 7 times more polluted than outdoor air. The air thus has time to renew and cool down to clean up the room. It is better to open early in the morning or late at night to avoid the risk of outdoor pollution. Open the windows for about ten minutes, especially after showering, cooking, or even work. Aerating for a long time is not necessary and would cause additional air pollution.

Maintain Your CMV

CMV (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) is perfect for preventing the appearance of mold, especially if the bathroom has no windows. CMV renews indoor air and prevents the appearance of mold. However, remember to maintain it at least twice a year for better air filtration.

Use A Dehumidifier

If the room is too wet, you can also install a dehumidifier so that it sucks up moisture-laden air. It will also help remove suspended particles, dust, and other impurities. Do not use a humidifier.

Don't Leave Your Wet Clothes In The Machine

Due to lack of time or laziness, do you sometimes leave your laundry in the washing machine for too long when the cycle is over? Big mistake; your damp clothes may encourage the appearance of mold. It is better to leave the washing machine door open to let moisture drain. Also, avoid drying your clothes in a closed room: this would increase the humidity level in the home. Dry your laundry outside or open the windows to ventilate the room.

Avoid Showers That Are Too Long

Showers that are too long and too hot can promote the appearance of mold. Moreover, it's not very ecological! The water vapor produced in large quantities will indeed increase the humidity level in the room.

Do Not Stick Your Furniture To The Walls

Free your walls, and avoid sticking your furniture to cold walls, especially those facing the outside. Putting them right along the walls prevents air circulation and increases the risk of mold. Leave a distance of at least ten centimeters between the wall and the furniture to allow air to circulate.

Do Not Dry Your Laundry Inside

Focus on drying in the open air to avoid bringing a significant dose of moisture to your interior. If this is not possible, remember to open the windows as much as possible.

Keep An Eye On Leaks

To avoid inflating water bills but also seeing mold appear, remember to identify and repair any water leakage.

Declutter The Parts

For your interior rooms to breathe, remember to get rid of the superfluous items and to keep only the essentials. It will also prevent the appearance of mold.

How Can You Eliminate Mold?

To remove and clean traces of mold, you can use natural products such as white vinegar or lemon juice. Spray one of these solutions in the corners of your shower, on tile joints, or on the walls of the room, and rub vigorously with a toothbrush or clean cloth.

How Can You Clean Traces Of Mold?

If you see some traces of mold appear, don't delay cleaning them! For small stains that appear on the edge of a window, there is a simple tip you can try. Pour a little white vinegar or lemon juice on a clean cloth and wipe it clean. For bathroom joints, use an old toothbrush and rub vigorously with the same product. Use bleach to get rid of traces of mold at home.

With these easy steps, now you know how to remove mold from your home!

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