How To Clean Your Bathroom With Natural Supplies Quickly

D o you want to know how to clean your bathroom with natural supplies? You’ve come to the right place! What’s more, it doesn’t even take that long and can be done easily. Follow our advice!

How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom?

Mold, hair, limescale, traces of soap: the bathroom gets dirty in record time, especially because we spend most of our time there.  Although annoying, cleaning the bathroom is essential to ensure that you live in a healthy and clean environment.  So how often do you clean the bathroom?  To avoid letting dust, piles of dirty clothes, and grime accumulate in the room, the best solution is to do a "simple" cleaning, that is to vacuum and mop at least once a day every week. This will allow you to remove any lost hair, clean the floor and remove bacteria that have already set up camp on your flooring. Then, the mirror, the shower tray, the bathtub, or even the toilet bowl can be scrubbed once every two weeks to avoid the accumulation of bacteria.

What Products?

To clean the bathroom properly, it is better to be equipped. So bring your own tea towels, clean sponges, a mop, glass products (for the mirror), or even protective gloves… And, instead of using harmful and chemical products, why not make your own cleaning concoctions with the means at hand?  White vinegar, lemon or even baking soda will be your allies in making your bathroom shine in a natural way! You can also use toothpaste or shaving foam to clean the tiles or shower walls!

Equip Yourself

Before you tackle the cleaning of your bathroom, it is important to be well equipped.  Gather your products (natural and homemade), arm yourself with household gloves, microfiber cloths, clean sponges, as well as a bucket of water and a mop.

Time: 1 minute.

Perform A Pre-cleaning

Next, pre-clean your bathroom surfaces. Spray your homemade cleaner in the shower or bathtub, sink, and toilet bowls!  Leave the product to work to loosen the lime and grime while you do the other tasks.

Time: 3-5 minutes.

Put The Towels In The Dirty Laundry 

The cleaning in the bathroom also involves a big sorting of the towels and the dirty linen.  Gather all the towels, bathrobes, and clothes lying around in the bathroom and put them in the washing machine.  Replace them with fresh, clean ones.

Time: 2 minutes.

Empty The Bin

Don't forget to empty the trash, it's part of the bathroom cleaning!  Throw the garbage bag in the dumpster, but also remember to rinse the container well (with soap or white vinegar) to eliminate bacteria and bad odors which can be stubborn!

Time: 2 minutes.

Clean The Mirrors

With a window cleaner bought on the market or that you have made yourself (white vinegar and essential oils for example) and a clean microfiber cloth, clean your mirrors and glass shower screens.  To avoid traces of limestone, consider using a squeegee!

Time: about 5 minutes

Clean The Sink

We rarely think about it, but the sink must also be well cleaned!  Take a clean sponge and spray a little of your glass cleaner (white vinegar + essential oils) and then clean your sink, then rinse well.  If you observe stubborn traces of lime, pour a little baking soda and let sit before rinsing.  Do not forget to clean the faucet well.

Time: 4 minutes.

Clean The Floor

Vacuum (or sweep) the floor, then mop to polish everything.  You can use black soap which will be a great alternative to chemical household cleaners.

Time: about 5 minutes.

Clean The Bowl

It is important to clean the toilet bowl well, at least twice a week minimum to eliminate any risk of bacteria.  Using a toilet brush, clean the walls of your toilet in which the mixture (at the time of pre-cleaning) must have acted.  With a toilet sponge wipe the seat, toilet seat, and flush.  You can pour a few centiliters of white vinegar to descale the bowl, leaving it to act overnight.

Time: 3 minutes

Woman With Red Manicure Holding White Ceramic Mug

Clean The Tub or Shower

With the sponge on the sink, clean the inside of the tub or shower tray.  Do not forget the glass wall (use a squeegee to remove all traces of limestone) and the taps.  Also remember to wash your shower curtain which can get dirty from soap, shampoo and other products.

Time: about 5 minutes.

The bathroom is one of the rooms that must be clean and impeccable on a daily basis, in order to respect a healthy lifestyle.  It is therefore important to clean it regularly, but no need to spend hours on it: here is the incredible trick to cleaning the bathroom in less than 30 minutes!

Now you know how to clean your bathroom with natural supplies. Good luck!

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