How to Avoid Getting Tickets While Driving

A re you tired of getting fined but don’t know what to do? Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we can end up making a mistake that ends up with us getting a ticket. But how can you identify these mistakes and most importantly, how can you prevent them? Well, we have just the guide on how to avoid getting tickets while driving so that you get the answers. 

Driving a little too fast, briefly checking your smartphone or making it clear to another driver what you think of them, such offenses quickly lead to a traffic fine on the street. So, read on to find out what you need to avoid.

Traffic Fine For Driving Too Close

You are in a hurry and the man in front is sneaking away.  But if you drive up close and push, you risk a traffic fine.  If you don't keep the minimum distance, it can get really expensive.

You can expect a hefty fine for a distance offense, which can be up to172 dollars at 130 kilometers per hour.  The general rule is if you keep a distance of “half a speedometer”, you are on the safe side when measuring the distance.

Cell Phone At The Wheel

Have you ever read a message on your smartphone at the red light? This is only allowed if you switch off the engine.  But drivers can pick up their cell phone at the wheel without doing this. If you, as a driver, are caught typing, reading, or talking on the phone, you face a fine of 100 dollars on the first offence and it only goes up from there. So, you best be careful! 

If another car or a person is damaged because you were distracted, the costs are higher; if you are charged, you can even face imprisonment.  Actress Eva Habermann knows how to avoid such a traffic fine: "When driving I need both hands on the steering wheel. A text message is not worth risking human life. If one phone call is so important that it can't wait, I drive to the next  Parking, switch off the engine and then I can devote myself to my conversation partner in peace."

Insulting Other in Traffic

Scolding, screaming, and gesturing, aggressive driving behavior is a matter of course for many drivers.  But if you make a rude gesture to another driver or even the middle finger, you can get fined. 

It gets particularly expensive if you verbally abuse a police officer. Judges can impose pretty heavy fines for insulting officials. However, there is no fixed fine for insults. Nevertheless, it is better to keep your feelings to yourself in traffic. This can save you from a lot of trouble and keep the money in your wallet. 

Traffic Fine For Excessive Speed

If you drive too fast or do not adapt your pace to the weather, you risk a hefty fine. For speed violations in town, the catalog of fines provides for up to 400 dollars and can even lead to a driving ban of three months. But even those who do not adjust their speed to the visibility conditions risk a traffic fine of a considerable amount. Quite frankly, it’s just not worth the risk. Situations may arise where you may need to urgently reach some place and you might risk speeding to make it on time but that’s not the way to go about it. It’s best to follow the law and be late because you can always explain yourself to the one waiting but an officer won’t let you go simply because you had an emergency. 

If you have fallen into the speed camera trap and a fine comes into your house, you have the opportunity to lodge an objection within two weeks. If it comes to proceedings, the judge will decide. He has more discretion than the fine authorities and could lessen your sentence. The simpler solution is to stick to the top speed so that you don't get a traffic fine in the first place.

Driving is not an easy task to do but once you master it with practice and determination, then it gets easier and it’s a very convenient skill to have. However, just knowing how to drive isn’t enough. You need to know what the laws and driving etiquettes are as well. Now that you’ve learned how to avoid getting tickets while driving, you’re well on your way to mastering the skill. Good luck and safe driving! 

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