Best Bags for Backpacking: The Good Kind Of Baggage

B ag manufacturers have started listening to their customers and have started releasing backpacks with all-new features, making them more comfortable, functional, and lastly, stylish. The best bags for backpacking not only makes you pack smarter, but also lead to being able to navigate through cobblestone streets and busy stations easily. There are a variety of bags available ranging in sizes, shapes, and designs. After all, a bag needed on a weekend trip will be different from the one needed for a 6-month trip.

What You Need To Know

  • Backpacks are generally measured in liters instead of kilos; no one company measures the same way, so one brand’s 40L bag will differ from another brand’s 40L backpack. 
  • Most travel bags come in different styles. Some open from the top where belongings can be stacked, whereas some come in a suitcase-style, which will make packing easier. 
  • The bag generally has a larger compartment while the rest are smaller pockets to keep the smaller stuff organized. 
  • Many of the bags come with stowable straps, meaning the straps can be hidden away, making the bag more compact and safer to check-in for flights and storage. 
  • Sturdy handles on the top, and the sides help with lugging the bag around through narrow aisles or when it gets too straining on the back.

What Bag To Buy

Black Backpack on Top of Wooden Table

A backpack can be anywhere from a 100$ to 300$+ depending on size, fabric, and brand. The list below covers bags in all price ranges.

Osprey Farpoint

Osprey Farpoint, along with the female version, Osprey Fairview, are the popular bags for traveling. The bags are a hybrid of traveling and hiking bags, bringing together the best of both worlds. 

The sizes of the bags vary in liters and torso size, making finding the perfect fit easier. The prices start at 160$ for the 40L version of the bags with adjustable torso straps.

The 55L bag is actually a 43L bag that has a detachable 12L daypack, meaning the entire bag will not have to carry around everywhere giving the back a break. 

Osprey Porter Series

These are great travel bags available at a cheaper price. They let the traveler carry a lot of stuff for the price. The bags start at $120 and vary in size. 

They might not be as comfortable as the Farpoint/Fairview bags, however, they are perfect for city travel. The bag comes in a turtle shell design, letting the traveler carry a fair amount of stuff, where the weight is distributed comfortably in the bag. 

The 46L is the basic go-to size as it can be used as a carry-on while the smaller 30L is for those who prefer the minimalist way of traveling.

Tortuga Oubreaker

The Outbreaker is built like a tank and comes in two sizes: 35L and 45L. What is great about this bag is the fact that it has everything a traveler will need. This bag is bulkier than some, however, it is perfect as a hiking bag. The torso has an adjustable strap meaning it can be comfortable for anyone, and the fabric used in the making of this bag is tough and water-resistant.

Tortuga Setout

The Tortuga Setout was created specifically for urban traveling and carry-ons. Since the bag made its debut, it has become a popular travel backpack.

The bag comes in 34L and a rectangular shape, meaning a lot can be packed into the backpack, and the shape lets it comply with carry-on regulations that are in place. The bag was recently revamped to include load-lifter straps making it even more comfortable and less straining to carry. 

Kelty Redwing

A bag that is mostly overlooked as it is sold as a hiking bag. The bag, however, is a hybrid, making it super comfortable to wear. It has a suitcase-like opening, making the packing and unpacking part easier. It is also one of the cheaper bags with prices starting at 100$ for a 32L pack. There is also a version made for females available at $125, the size being 40L. The bag itself is lightweight, with plenty of outside pockets, and has the look of an outdoorsy hiking bag, easily making it one of the best bags for backpacking if the traveler is looking for something affordable.

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