Are Espresso Machines for Homes Worth It?

I f you’re anything like the average individual working a 9 to 5 job, you probably use coffee to bolt yourself awake in the morning. Stopping at a café every morning on the way to work can be expensive, so you might be wondering, are espresso machines for homes worth it? They’d surely save you the trip to the coffee shop and your money too, but should you buy one? Here are some pros.

Instant Coffee Anywhere and Anytime

One of the best benefits of owning an espresso machine is that you can get coffee anytime you want within seconds. This is the major reason most people buy espresso machines because if you're craving a hot cup of coffee at 3 AM, you probably won't be running to the café to get one!

Furthermore, most people want coffee when they wake up in the morning. Would you rather have a cup of coffee right within the comfort of your own home within seconds, or would you rather wait fifteen minutes to get ready and drive to a nearby coffee shop? You'd rather have it at home! That's why an espresso machine is worth it.

Very Convenient

Even if you make coffee at home, making it without an espresso machine can be exhausting. Whipping the coffee or cooking it over a stove, waiting for the water to boil, all of these can take a long time. Also, you have to stand over the stove and make sure nothing spills out, and that you don't overcook the coffee grains and ruin the taste. If you're looking for cold brew, making it without an espresso machine is extremely messy.

Machines are so convenient because all you have to do is put in the grains and let them make coffee while you roam around the house and get to your other tasks. Whether it's getting ready or cleaning the countertop or making yourself breakfast, you can do it with ease while the espresso machine readies your hot cup of coffee.

Save Money

If you drink coffee every day, you probably also spend a lot of money buying cups from the store every single day. Whether you prefer to support local coffee shops or international chains, buying coffee every day can be very expensive, especially if you're trying to cut down on costs.

This is why an espresso machine can be a good investment because you can get more coffee for less money. Also, when you're at a shop, you tend to buy a snack to go along with the coffee, whether it's a bagel or a croissant. Making coffee at home eliminates that temptation, and if you really do need a snack you can take one out from your pantry, saving double the money.

Fresh Coffee

Fresh brew can't be beaten by instant coffee. An espresso machine allows you to brew fresh coffee beans, and anyone who is a true coffee lover can easily tell the difference between fresh brew and instant coffee. If you don't want bitter, acidic coffee jolting you awake in the morning, an espresso machine is what you should invest in.

Avoid Messy Cleanups

Sometimes, making one cup of coffee at home turns into washing five separate dishes. The coffee pot, milk pot, frother, and whatnot! If you like coffee but often don't make it because cleaning afterward haunts you, worry no more. 

Buying an espresso machine would be especially worth it for you because all you have to do with an espresso machine is rinse the parts with water. There's no scrubbing or heavy handiwork involved. In fact, some espresso machines can even be put in the dishwasher, so if cleaning is a particularly annoying task for you, check machine specifics and dishwasher friendliness before you buy one.

However, there are some cons.

Might Seem Expensive

However, if you're someone who doesn't really drink coffee that often, or you don't have savings, spending a huge chunk of money on a mere espresso machine may seem like an unnecessary splurge. It is arguably a good investment, but that truly depends on whether you can afford it and what your coffee-drinking habits are.

Commitment to One Brand

Depending on the coffee maker you buy, some machines only allow their own espresso pods to be used. This is not the case with every machine, but a lot of machines are only compatible with one brand, so if a commitment to a single brand is problematic, buying an espresso machine may not be for you.

Overall, if you're wondering, are espresso machines for homes worth it? Yes. You probably will like the purchase if you drink lots of coffee.

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