A Guide on the Best Books To Collect for Beginners

R eading and collecting books is a hobby as well as a passion. Ailurophiles find pieces of their soul inside the books they read and feel a connection to the written word. Once a piece of writing becomes of great value to someone, they wish to own it, keep it, and take care of it as their own personal collection. This guide on the best books to collect will be the perfect one for such people. 

This is a digital era and most people are content reading books in the form of pdfs and kindles. But to many people that is not enough and they wish to go beyond buying cheap paperbacks and buy valuable copies of the book and build a collection that they can keep to themselves or boast about.

For some of us, having our own personal library à la Beauty and the Beast is a dream that we hope to fulfill. And the primary requirement for a personal library? Books. Lots and lots of books.

What Books Should You Add To Your Collection?

The first and foremost important thing while starting a book collection is to collect what you love. Mindlessly collecting whatever books seem expensive, or what authors are famous will end you up with a large shelf with beautiful hardbacks that you feel no real connection to. Keep the following in mind:

  • Is there an author(s) whose works you enjoy the most?
  • Is there a book from your childhood that you don’t own a copy of, but hold dear?
  • Is there a book that resonated and stayed with you during an important time in your life?
  • Is there a subject/field of study/genre that you are particularly invested in?

The most crucial thing you should be able to answer is: what are you passionate about? Once you have identified that, you can start collecting the books for your valuable collection.

A lot of collectors are particular about owning first edition copies. When it comes to classical novels and old books, first editions can be rare and highly expensive. Make sure to keep your budget in check while you’re building your collection.

List Of Suggestions For Book Collectors

We’ve compiled a list of suggestions you can look into, these are suggestions for anyone who is starting out their book collection from scratch. You can look at these and see if something strikes your fancy!

For Lovers of Harry Potter

When we talk about book series, the Harry Potter series has been among the best-selling books of all time. If you’re looking for a beautiful set of the Harry Potter series you can consider The Juniper Books Harry Potter Set. A beautiful set of hardbacks that will look stunning on your shelf.

For Lovers of Childhood Classics

The In Bloom Book Collection is a set of four of the most renowned classics that a lot of us adored in our childhood namely Little Women, Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, and A Little Princess. With the front covers beautifully illustrated in a floral fashion, these hardbacks are available to be bought and collected. This is a beautiful collection to own and it also has sentimental value attached!

For Lovers of Timeless Classics

Are you looking to add beautiful copies of your favorite classics like Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, and Dracula but can’t get your hands on first or second editions? They can be either too expensive or just too hard to find. Don’t worry. Barnes and Nobles have a special collector’s series where they make beautiful and collectible copies of known classics. A wide range of books that are loved by many is included in this collection from the works of Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous Sherlock Holmes books. These will look breathtaking on your bookshelves.

For Lovers of Illustrated Books

If you love art, you must collect illustrated copies of your favorite books from The Folio Society Illustrated Books. The beautiful hardcover books might just be the most extensive collection of illustrated books. You can collect them or give them as gifts. They have their regular editions and also present limited edition, collectible copies, which are a bit expensive but completely worth the money.

Now that you have the basics down for books and building a collection for them, have fun with the best books to collect that you will love!

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