7 Life Hacks for New Parents in 2021

I f you are a new parent, this article is for you. With different life hacks for new parents mentioned below, it will for sure help ease your troubles when it comes to taking care of an infant without having any prior experience. Good luck! 

1. Invest in a Good White Noise Machine:

If you are a new parent, investing in a good white noise machine is a lifesaver for so many reasons. For starters, if your baby is used to being asleep with little to no noise, it will be challenging for you to put them to sleep until and unless there's complete silence around them. It is implausible that this happens every single time your baby wishes to rest. A white noise machine will help them get used to the sounds while they sleep peacefully. It will be very effective for them in the long-run, even in their adult life. 

2. Co-Parent Equally:

It is essential for both the parents to co-parent equally and share responsibilities so that no one feels burdened. Feel free to accept help from anyone who offers it to you. The best way for new parents to co-parent effectively is to divide the chores and have each other's backs. Making a proper schedule with their professional and personal lives is essential, so they don’t miss out on anything while being a parent. This way, they can fulfill all of their tasks and be responsible parents to their children. 

3. Breastfeed While Resting:

If you're looking for some easy ways to catch a few minutes of a power nap, the best time to do it is when you are breastfeeding your baby. The only thing you have to do is to lay on your back while your child is being breastfed and shut your eyes for a while. Just make sure to check up on the baby now and then. 

4. Cut the Infant’s Nails When They’re Asleep:

The hardest thing for new parents to do is to cut their baby’s fingernails. So, here is an old and very effective hack for new parents; wait till your baby is asleep, and then grab those teeny nail clippers and get down to business! Not only will it reduce the risks of you injuring your baby’s fingernails, but it also will help you do the task in peace.

5. Use a Baby Nightgown:

Yes, there is such a thing as a “baby nightgown”. It resembles awfully close to an adult’s nightgown, but in baby-size. It is perfect for babies as it’s much easier to change their diapers and potty-train them when they’re wearing a nightgown instead of onesies. No more diaper struggles for your adorable poop machine! 

6. Use a Wet Wipe Before Changing Diaper:

This genius hack is for all those new parents who have had the misfortune of their babies peeing straight onto their faces while changing their diapers. The trick is to use a wet wipe or cloth to stimulate their lower belly before changing their diapers slowly, so they get done with their business before you remove it. This way, you can easily change their diapers without going through the extra hassle of taking a shower yourself.

7. Change Diapers As Soon As Possible: 

Talk to your pediatrician about the maximum duration for changing diapers. A general rule of thumb is 2-3 hours. The reason is that newborns excrete several times a day and would get a severe allergic reaction to their diapers if they aren’t changed immediately within the allotted time frame. Babies are prone to rashes a lot, so make sure to take care of their hygiene. Changing diapers as soon as possible would reduce their chances of allergies and help keep them safe.

Final Thoughts:

Parenting more than one kid is definitely hard but being a new parent with no prior knowledge is even more challenging. No one ever becomes an expert in parenting, and it's an entire process of learning, unlearning, and relearning for the rest of your life. The key is never to give up and to learn new tips and tricks to help effectively parent your child. With these life hacks for new parents, they can help with their parenting duties. 

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