7 Best Islands To Visit For Vacations

L ife can get hectic when you are living in the midst of chaos. You forget who you are and what contentment feels like. But, how about you give yourself a much-needed break, pack up your bags, and leave for a quick getaway for a while? Sounds daring, but wait till you read about these best island vacations! You would want to leave right away.

It is best to equip yourself with knowledge about some of these best islands before deciding where you want to splurge money for your pleasure.  So, if you’re perked up at the idea of a vacation, then keep reading.

1. Galapagos 

If your soul is looking to seek adventure, then Galapagos is the way to go as it is the only place on Earth whose wildlife is unmatchable. Scientists from all over the world travel to this island to study evolution as it harbors species that are not seen anywhere else in the world. There are plenty of outdoor activities lined up for you, including visiting Charles Darwin Research center, exploring age-old volcano sides, snorkeling and boating.  Galapagos promises a thrill-filled vacation to anyone looking for a getaway.

2. Cyprus

You certainly cannot catch a plane to paradise, but Cyprus comes very close to it. This island is more than 10,000 years old and is the third-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Apart from the sparkling blue bays, memorable cuisine, and rich culture, Cyprus is known for its historical importance. While most of us have studied the Greek legends in text, only a few are fortunate to witness the ruins from the Greek civilization situated on this island. So, if you are a nature fan and want to entertain your inner historian, then Cyprus is waiting for you.

3. The Azores

If serenity is not your priority, but the adventure is, then The Azores is the place of your dreams. This island is known for its extraordinary aquamarine life, especially the giant whales. People travel far and wide to watch these marvelous creatures in the flesh. The Azores is a group of nine islands along the coast of mainland Portugal. If you are a hiking fan, this place is perfect for you as it has endless trails. The Azores is magical, to say the least, with its breathtaking natural beauty.

4. Tahiti

Sometimes spending money on a good getaway is a smart idea. So, if you are willing to splurge on vacations this year, Tahiti may be one of the best options to go. This French Polynesia is exotic and tranquil to an unfathomable degree. The serene azure lagoons, the soft sand coasts, the flailing coconut trees, the black pearl farms, and cordial inhabitants will make your experience simply divine. Tahiti also has deluxe spas, fancy dining, and many swimming opportunities, snorkel, and boat. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it.

5. Bali 

The name of this island is synonymous with heaven. It has everything that human dreams are made up of. From the turquoise waters to breathtaking temples, Bali has it all. It does not matter if you are a fan of luxurious spa treatments and fancy dining or if you are seeking historical hints at the famous pagoda because you can do so much on this little island. Bali is especially a utopia for all nature lovers as this island is a home of exotic botanic life and volcanoes.

6. Fiji

If you are looking for a getaway from the chaos of the world, then Fiji might be the place where your dreams will come true. Far away from the coasts of New Zealand, Fiji is a secluded island with its gorgeous aquamarine waters and sparkling sand. The waves have a different kind of electrifying energy, which is perfect for the surfers. Moreover, the Fijian culture is unique in its essence that will make your experience more delightful. 

7. Phuket

Phuket is a little slice of heaven situated on Thailand's southwestern island. With white sand beaches, blue water, and a glistening sun, there is no way you won’t have the time of your life on this island. Phuket is known for its lavish spas, fancy resorts, and most importantly, its undeniably rich and spicy cuisine. Yet, with all the luxuries that this island is offering, it is relatively cheaper. 

To wrap this up, all of these places are unique in their way. You just need to gauge your needs and decide what’s perfect for the best island vacations.

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