6 Creative Ways To Add Colour To Your Home

A fter a long day, coming to your home should feel like being in your haven. Unfortunately, seeing the same walls and furniture every day can get quite boring. There is a simple solution to curb monotony seeping into your life. The answer lies in trusting the colors to bring excitement to your life. If your concern is how to add color to your home without emptying your wallets, then don’t worry —we’ve got you.

Where To Start From?

 Your choice of colors does not need to be universal. Some people like pastel shades for calm, some like earthy tones to feel closer to nature while others like flamboyant colors to feel more energetic. You should also have a renovation budget in mind before you begin your venture to help you peruse in the right direction. Don’t worry. Nothing is too little or too much!

If you’ve perked up at the idea of bringing more colors to your life, then keep reading because we’ve assembled artistic ways for you to experiment and add more color to your home.

1- Get More Cushions

Cushions are the best investment while trying to accommodate more pop colors in your room. These little squishy squares will not only make your room more bright but also give it a touch of luxury. If you have a solid couch or sofa, then get patterned pillows. If you have patterned sofas, then get solid cushions. Don’t forget to have fun while buying and placing them around the room.

2- Select Colorful Rugs

It is always a good idea to look for unique rugs to cover a portion of your ground. Not only do they make the floor look better, but they also help in making the furniture around it stand out. Square, rectangle, or circular rugs can also give a room a certain aura, elevated by the color palette. For a softer look, go for pastel or earthy shades. If you are looking for a vivid touch, then seek bold colored rugs. All in one, rugs will not only add color to your room but also bring out its personality. 

3- Flaunt Cool Tapestries

Tapestries are not old school, trust us! You can get a tapestry made out of anything you like and hang it in your room. The best thing about these fun wall hangings is that you can hide your stuff, separate room spaces, and add a pop of color in your room all at the same time. Moreover, tapestries are not a permanent change like paint, so you can take it off whenever you feel like you are over it.

4- Bring In Plants And Pots 

Something about being near mother nature is different. What if we tell you that to enjoy some greenery, you don’t have to leave your house anymore. All you need to do is bring your plants indoors. The green of nature adds color to your room by giving it a more refreshed look. If you are worried about taking care of them, then look into low-maintenance indoor plants such as succulents, cacti, spider plants, etc.

5- Experiment With Lights

Colored lights can be cool! But, first, figure out if you want your room to have a serene vibe or an electric vibe. If you are leaning towards the first choice, then look for lamps with soft lights with a colorful exterior to add more colors to the room. On the other hand, if you are into a more modern look, then look for fluorescent or neon lights to produce a more electric vibe. 

6- Incorporate Art Pieces

You don’t necessarily need to be an art maven to be able to liven up your room. Go thrifting or explore the internet and look for bold and exciting art. Photo frames, photographs, paintings are all essentially a good addition as they bring their own vibes and make the room look more vibrant. The art pieces are usually more visible on darker wall paint, so it all depends on how subtle or bright you want to make your room.

To wrap it up, don’t spend more time thinking about how to add colour to your home and get down to doing it with these inventive hacks. 

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