5 Decorating Themes for Your Living Room for Aesthetic Appeal

A normal living room ideally consists of a sofa, armchair, ottomans, coffee table, rug, curtains, and other accessories. It can be confusing what style or theme you should select, so here are 5 decorating themes for your living room to help you choose which one speaks to you the most.

On average, most interior designers charge anywhere from about $50 to $500 per hour, depending on experience and level of expertise. If you want to save some money, this list will help you narrow down some ideas, so you need less of your designer’s time and therefore need to spend less money.

So without further ado, here are 5 different decorating themes that you can use in your living room, and don’t be afraid to tweak them as you like!

  1. Art Deco Theme

Notable features of Art Deco involve geometric shapes and graphic patterns, complemented with polished chrome or brass. The furnishing is often glossy timber, and you can incorporate the use of glass and mirrors paired with lighting that’s layered and sultry.

Art Deco originated in 1925 in the heart of fashion, Paris. It is both dramatic and classy at the same time if pulled off well. Art Deco embraces being bold, having an artistic vision, and wanting exotic touches in your home.

Select this theme if you like flashy elements and striking designs.

  1. Bohemian Theme

If your style is less bold and more carefree, Bohemian interior design is what you are looking for. This style is what it means to be purposefully messy, with elements from all over being brought together in a warm embrace.

Boho pays homage to its global inspirations and travel mementos by combining multiple different textures and materials, from metallic to natural, and adores warm reds and purple tones and a ton of layering rugs, blankets, and pillows.

Also, hanging decorations with tassels, beads, and crochet curtains are all apt additions to this theme.

  1. Country Theme

Country design is something that anyone can own. It uses nature as its muse and is inspired by the country lifestyle. There are a lot of floral and flowy designs.

Country design is pretty simple in essence, it uses lighthearted color palettes (pink, lavender, off-white) and pastels (baby blue) with accents (violet). The colors aren’t set in stone, you can generally use anything that gives a flowery feel.

Naturally, paintings of flowers are quite common, as are floral fabrics for curtains and table coverings, and a few flower vases bring the entire design together into harmony.

  1. Classical Theme

For lovers of traditional and old school looks, this is the best design available. Originating in the 17th-19th centuries in Europe, the style of classicism is inspired by the music, literature, architecture, and the impressionist art of the time.

Classic design is symmetrical and employs sophistication, reliability, and simplicity. It makes your room look elegantly formal and luxurious, by making use of intricate woodwork, heavy drapery, and large, gilded frames.

The color palette is fairly neutral, embracing a lot of rich brown and other mild, warm tones. Classical design is for generally large homes, and thus if you have a large living room, consider this theme for a royal look.

  1. Contemporary Theme

Contemporary design refers to the styles that are “in” now. It is often confused with modern design, but modern design refers to a very specific period of history (early and mid 20th century), whereas contemporary design refers to fashion as of today. Needless to say, the design considered “contemporary” in each era will change, as it will begin to refer to what is “in” by then.

So if you love to keep up with trends, this is for you. As of right now, a mostly minimal color palette with a pop of color is super stylish. So white tones, gray tones, and blonde tones for the furniture would look great, and then any sort of bold and colorful piece of art would bring it all together.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before selecting a design, keep in mind the size of your living room and the aesthetic of the other rooms in your house. Make sure the theme you select does not make your living room look completely mismatched from all the other rooms.

However, it’s okay if it stands out a bit while still following the general aesthetic. Picking a theme is an arduous task, and that’s why we have made this list of 5 decorating themes for your living room, and you can even pick and choose the elements you like if you want a more customized design that draws inspirations from multiple themes.

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