10 Best Cities In the World For Food

I f there’s one person that can single handedly bring an end to world hunger and establish world peace, it’s a well-travelled food connoisseur.

While no one person can have a palate that loves all the many cuisines around the world, the appreciation of scrumptious food by foodies around the world has popularized many dishes. In turn, making the city of origin of the beloved for its cuisine as well. 

Let’s count down some of the best cities in the world for food that brought us the most delectable and widely-savored foods of all time. 

Hakata Ward, Japan

Fukuoka or Hakata is one of the most famous food capitals around the world. It’s the most popular Japanese city that gastronomes visit to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine. Many chefs boast about traveling far and wide to taste ramen at it’s birthplace, Hakata, where it’s originally known as Hakata ramen, before introducing it at their restaurants.


Macanese food has its roots in the rich blend of the Chinese and Portuguese-Macanese culture. The ever famous Egg Tarts are just the tip of the iceberg when diving into Macanese cuisine; Shrimp Roe Noodles, Pork Chop Buns and Steamed Milk Pudding are foods that taste as great as they sound. If you’re visiting Macau then don’t return without having tasted at least these 4 signature Macanese dishes. 

Oaxaca, Mexico

Mexican food needs no introduction on its behalf; according to statistics, more than 86% of US Americans love to have Mexican food. It’s the 3rd most popular menu type in the USA, according to a 2014 survey. Mexican food should immediately remind you of Quesadillas, Burritos, Tacos, Enchiladas, basically everything fresh and colorful. 

Hua Hin, Thailand

Pad Thai, stir-fried scallions and Tom-Yum Goong Soup has won hearts across the globe by combining strong and contrasting flavors in a single plate. Hua Hin is the gastronome capital and any food critic’s favorite place to frequent while on a budget-friendly Thailand getaway.

Karachi, Pakistan

Towards the most tucked away, obscure but light on the pocket destinations on the globe--Karachi takes pride in adding new layers to food from the majestic Mughal Era. Biryani, Korma, Nihari, Katakat, Chicken Tikka, and Sweet Betel Leaf take the cake for those new to Pakistani Cuisine. But for Karachi, it’s just another day of valuing a well-made meal.  

Bologna, Italy

Well, this one should be a no-brainer because Bolognese Italian Pasta was born in the undisputed culinary capital of Italy. Bologna has held on firmly to this position since the 18th century with stellar food like the unique Mortadella, freshest Prosciutto, the “King of Cheese” Parmigiano Reggiano and even then, you’ve only begun to dip your toes into the divine cuisine of Italy.


Mumbai, India

If you love Indian food, but you’ve never been to India, you’ve probably been fooled into having a milder, watered-down, white-version of Indian food. Culinary experts regard Indian food as the most delicately-balanced, richly-spiced, and well-seasoned food in the world. Authentic Indian food is usually way too spicy for most people but it is packed with flavor, develops a punch in the first bite, and takes home the trophy by the end. Masala Dosa, Vada Pao, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, and Tandoori Paneer are some of the headliners when it comes to traditional Indian food. 

HongKong, China

From barbecued meats, stinky tofu, and phoenix talons (chicken feet) to matcha tea, seafood balls, and dumplings, whether you’re a fan of Chinese cuisine or not, you’ll surely admit that Chinese food is most diverse in texture and aroma. It’s a widely-regarded comfort food and a global take-out favorite. It’s among the most popular menu types, not just in the USA, Canada and UK, but also in neighboring Asian countries. 

Crete, Greece 

The Greeks are famous for knowing how to party and no good party is ever bumped to that status without having good food. Greek cuisine is essentially Mediterranean food requiring either fresh ingredients straight out the sea, off the tree, or those requiring extended cooking times. The most popular Cretan food is Moussaka, which is minced meat, sliced potato, and sliced eggplant baked together slowly then topped with bechamel sauce. Pastitsio (Greek Lasagna), Greek Beef Stew and Gyros are a few other scrumptious foods trademarked by the Greek.

Manchester, Australia 

Mancunian Black Pudding, Lancashire Cheese and Manchester Caviar are three things one should never leave Australia without tasting. The popularity of this cuisine is probably due to its versatility that makes it an easy hit with most non-natives. The unmistakable Pacifician flavors are highlighted by European cooking techniques, seasoned with SouthAsian spices and bold enough to experiment with Indonesian flavors. 

This list of the best cities in the world for food will take you to the most memorable dishes that you will remember for the rest of your life! 

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